Truebill is an automated financial assistant that helps consumers lower bills and get refunds on sneaky charges, like unwanted subscriptions or hidden bank fees.

When we kicked off with Truebill, we prioritized two initiatives: 1. Developing a timely news angle which we could leverage for an announcement and 2. Securing in-depth evergreen stories profiling the founders and reviewing the product.


For our news angle, we leveraged a product update to create an announcement around the app’s ability to get users refunds. Rather than focus solely on the new feature, we highlighted the behind-the-scenes story of how Truebill reverse-engineered the process banks use to give refunds.

After the announcement, we shifted gears, focusing on setting up introductory meetings and encouraging reporters to test the app. We believed the founders had an interesting entrepreneurial story which we used to pitch profiles.


We secured a combination of news-driven and evergreen coverage. Because we did not rely entirely on news, we were able to secure periodic coverage in publications like TIME and Forbes during quieter periods.

In the Press