Founded by former Tesla and iRobot engineers, lvl5 develops HD maps for autonomous vehicles. Their system replaces LiDAR with a combination of consumer-grade cameras and crowdsourced video footage, which they collect via a dashcam app, Payver.

When we engaged with lvl5 they were in stealth and our first project together was the company launch. The concept of HD maps may appear in the weeds to some at first glance, so we knew we needed to work with the team to craft messaging that would highlight the greater impact the technology will have on people’s lives in order to appeal to publications with more general audiences.


Collaborating with lvl5, we developed a storyline that positioned HD maps as the critical missing piece in the quest to make self-driving cars available on a global scale, saving countless lives in the process. We focused on the team’s expertise in computer vision and innovative crowdsourcing approach, which, combined, allowed them to use easily accessible and affordable hardware at scale while other companies were relying on expensive LiDar.

Further, we highlighted the story around how Uber and Lyft drivers are using Payver to earn extra cash. This angle resonated well with mainstream media like CNN as they could tie lvl5 to the popular rideshare companies.


We secured both top tier and industry coverage, resulting in not only an initial spike in app downloads at the time of the launch, but a continuous increase post-launch.

Through the introductory meetings we secured, we raised awareness of lvl5 among key industry influencers. This has kept lvl5 in the conversation around autonomous vehicles, with inclusion in top tier trend pieces about the industry post-launch.

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