Knowhere is a news publication that combines human and machine intelligence to write unbiased coverage of the day’s biggest stories.

When we began working with Knowhere, the company was in stealth. We set out to launch the company by placing it in top tier media and, most importantly, ensuring the coverage was on-message.

We predicted there was a strong risk of media misinterpreting Knowhere’s strategy, seeing it as an AI designed to replace journalists, while in fact Knowhere aims to be the largest employer of human journalists. To prevent this narrative, we knew we would need to carefully craft Knowhere’s messaging and make our story more compelling than the false alternatives.


Together with the Knowhere team, we developed messaging focused on the power of combining human and machine intelligence to combat the problems both reporters and readers face due to today’s information crisis. The foe in our story was echo-chambers and misinformation, which we argued technology could help to reduce.

We were deliberate in positioning Knowhere and journalists on the same side in the press release, pitches, and during interviews. To make sure our message, rather than the obvious, but inaccurate, attention-grabbing headlines would shine through, we had to be meticulous about the consistency of our messaging across all mediums.


We secured on-message coverage in top tier media, which was then picked up by a number of other outlets – a testament to the strength of the narrative we developed with Knowhere. In the first month after launch, Knowhere received over a quarter of a million site hits and over 60,000 news stories were read on their site.