Invisible is a company making people more productive by offering a personal AI assistant that enables them to outsource nearly any digital task to a human worker, who has already been vetted and trained to complete the task.

This project was Invisible’s company launch alongside $2.6M in seed funding.

At the time of launch, October 2018, the main challenge was that the majority of media coverage on AI bots and AI assistants focused on their limitations and flaws, and artificial intelligence was one of the most overused buzzwords.


For the launch, we collaborated with Invisible’s team to develop messaging that highlighted the platform’s two main differentiators: the types of tasks it can handle, and that real humans complete the work without the end-user needing source, manage, or train anyone. We knew it was important to double-down on Invisible’s key differentiators given that it would be easy for the press to rush to judgement about an AI bot.

In our outreach to press, we specifically called out the limitations of other AI assistants/bots such as only being able to handle scheduling, requiring a lot of task management from the end-user, and/or being expensive. We knew this would be a successful strategy as Invisible enables people to outsource robust tasks like sales lead generation, hiring funnels, updating databases, and more.

We also crafted stories specific to the journalist/outlet whether it was a story about the next generation workforce, ways that humans can become more productive, what the impact of increased productivity would be for individuals, business, and society, and of course the launch story of a brand new company.