CATALOG is a company based in Harvard Innovation Labs that has developed a commercially viable method to store data in DNA. The company’s technology uses pre-made DNA molecules to significantly bring down the cost and time required for DNA data storage.

When we started working with CATALOG, the company’s story had been kept largely under wraps. They had shared snippets with media but had never publicly spoken in depth about their technology or approach. The company had raised new funding, which was the perfect opportunity to share the news alongside CATALOG’s story.


CATALOG is not just a group of researchers developing this technology in a lab, but a commercial company that has created a way to bring DNA data storage into the real world. It was important to everyone that this was clear in the messaging and that we shared the company’s plans to begin pilots next year.

Further, we used an analogy to translate CATALOG’s complex technology into something that could be easily understood by media and their readers. Third-party scientists also spoke directly with media, explaining CATALOG’s technology as well as the greater, pressing market need for DNA data storage.


We secured top tier coverage detailing CATALOG’s approach and the enormous potential of their technology. By working with highly respected technology and science publications, we were able to introduce CATALOG’s story and larger vision to key audiences.